About VECO Technologies

We build it so it
works right.

We offer personalized, flexible, craftsman-like metalworking, as well as experienced engineering and design services. We’re not just using a trial-and-error approach to see what works – we’re experienced machinists and engineers who build things that work.

About Our Company

Delivering Prompt, Precise Work Since 1976

We started in 1976 as a one-machine shop called Vincent Engineering Company. In 1991, we grew into VECO Technologies, Inc. and although we’ve grown a lot over the years, we’re still dedicated to getting the details right. From designing a tamale machine to repairing a gear that was made in 1947, we’re passionate about our work and would love to help you build your idea or repurpose an existing part.

At VECO Technologies, our core goals are to provide a conveniently located team that’s capable and available when you need us. Our engineering team and machine work are located in-house so we can ensure the best quality output for you. If you’re interested in working with us, please note that we offer consultation and project quotes that are competitively priced to deliver value for you.

About Our Founder

It All Started With A Passion For Cars & Engines

VECO Technologies is led by the vision and design prowess of founder Jeff Vincent, Sr. As a kid, Jeff was curious about all things mechanical. Though he tended to wander off, his mother could always find him by listening for the sound of an engine running. As a teenager, Jeff’s passion for racecars was further evidence of his love for the world of mechanical engineering.

From Passion to Profession…

After finishing his education at Fresno State and working as an engineer for several local companies, Jeff started Vincent Engineering Company on Belmont Ave. here in Fresno, California. Although Jeff initially handled mainly everything himself, he soon hired his first employee, Carlos Flores, who was a true master of the lathe. In 1979, three years after he started his small business, Jeff moved to Whitney Avenue and began taking on general machining jobs and advanced engineering projects.

Using Computers For More Efficient Work

With the introduction of CNC machining and other computer-aided manufacturing advances, Jeff works smarter not harder. It’s the same great mind behind the designs, but it’s now done more efficiently than ever before, allowing VECO Technologies to competently serve customers from numerous industries in Fresno. When the Fresno Metropolitan Museum of Art and Sciences opened, we designed several pieces for many of their science exhibits (including a bubble machine!). That’s just one example – there’s many, many more! If you’re interested in working with VECO Technologies, get in touch with us today!

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At VECO Technologies, we aim to deliver solutions that are precisely crafted to your specifications and made with craftsmanship quality. We carefully design and engineer products and components that are built to work as intended. From CNC machining and specialized welding to prototyping and custom machinery, our staff is ready to bring your idea to life.