Precision Machining

Precise machining, down to the details.

When you need precision machining work done, you can trust VECO’s CNC machining staff and engineers to deliver high-precision work that fits your needs. Contact us today to get great service and a job well done.

Delivering Quality Precision Work Efficiently

At VECO Technologies, we’ve got the tools and team to deliver world-class service and high-quality work for customers in numerous industries. Whether it’s welding (even specialized welding) or repurposing existing components, our CNC machining crew can use customer-supplied blueprints and our in-house design services to manufacture the ideal components you need for your project.

If you’re searching for a team with the capabilities for working with custom needs and unique metal or materials, VECO is the team for you! We use modern computer-aided design software and computer numerical control machining equipment to enhance our capabilities and make our operations more efficient.

We Can Build Whatever You Need

With 40 years of machining experience and high-grade machines that complement our proven manufacturing processes, our world-class team offers superior precision machining services. From working with metal to designing and manufacturing custom materials, we’re ready to deliver great work.

CNC Machining

We blend computer-controlled machine tools and our machining capabilities to deliver great work for clients in numerous industries. Within our machining shop, we have numerous CNC equipment and tools, including those with 4th axis capabilities. From our lathe machines, milling machinery, production processes, and machining team, we endeavor to have the best so we deliver superior work.

Mechanical Design

Translating your vision to the real world requires true precision, from the graphic design art and images to the models, and throughout the machining process. We can offer our machining services at any point in the process, from high-speed prototyping that captures every detail to precision machining that works well.

Mechanical Engineering

Just like our precision machining services, our mechanical engineers creatively apply their knowledge to turn your idea into a well-built product that accomplishes your intended function. Combining our knowledge of manufacturing processes with efficient computer-controlled equipment, we've perfected the art of taking a blueprint from concept to completion.

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At VECO Technologies, we aim to deliver solutions that are precisely crafted to your specifications and made with craftsmanship quality. We carefully design and engineer products and components that are built to work as intended. From CNC machining and specialized welding to prototyping and custom machinery, our staff is ready to bring your idea to life.