CNC Machining Services

Computerized machining, guided by human experts.

Using computer numerical control (CNC) machining equipment, our engineers make manufacturing processes more efficient and increase our capabilities for delivering the level of quality you require for your projects and components.

From Prototypes To Production, In One Place

When you need a capable team of in-house mechanical engineers, choose VECO Technologies! We provide a wide range of precision CNC machining services, including milling, turning, electrical discharge machining (EDM), wire-based electrical discharge machining, and surface grinding. From early or late-stage prototype design to material selection to tooling and production, our team brings your concept to life. When it comes to prototyping, our CNC machining services let you receive early-state and late-stage prototypes without tooling costs or extensive wait times. When you’re trying to iterate concept models and functional prototypes quickly, our mechanical prototype services are the ideal fit.

We employ various CNC machining methods within VECO Technologies, depending on the nature of the parts or components being manufactured. When it comes to CNC turning, our in-house lathe masters use lathe machines to accomplish the necessary turning needed to produce complex external and internal geometries, especially on round components like shafts, worms, and spheres. If you have questions about the materials or finishes that we can apply to your CNC machined parts and components, contact us today!

CNC Machining, Guided By
Expert Machinists

With 40 years of CNC machining experience and high-grade machines like CNC mills, CNC lathes (turning machines), CNC routers, and EDM machines that complement our proven manufacturing knowledge, our world-class team offers superior mechanical services. We’re ready to deliver great work for you, from metalworking to designing and manufacturing custom components.

Precision Machining

We blend computer-controlled machine tools and our machining capabilities to deliver great work for clients in numerous industries. Our machinists and mechanical engineers use multiple CNC machining tools, like lathe machines, milling machinery, production processes, so we deliver superior work.

Mechanical Engineering

Translating your vision to the real world requires true precision, from the graphic design art and images to the models and throughout the machining process. We can offer our machining services at any point in the process, from high-speed prototyping that captures every detail to precision machining that works well.

Specialized Welding

We offer specialized alloy welding and fabrication capabilities, including oxy-acetylene cutting, welding repairs, steel fabrication. Typical welding applications include oxy-acetylene welding, non-shielded arc welding, shielded arc welding, MIG welding, and TIG welding services. However, our welders are also skilled at working with custom metal alloys.

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At VECO Technologies, we aim to deliver solutions that are precisely crafted to your specifications and made with craftsmanship quality. We carefully design and engineer products and components that are built to work as intended. From CNC machining and specialized welding to prototyping and custom machinery, our staff is ready to bring your idea to life.