VECO Technologies opened in 1976 as a small one-man shop. Work was mostly automotive. As the years went on, and with an engineering background, we evolved into what we are today. As our shop foreman stated, “We are problem solvers. You have a problem? We’ll solve it”. VECO can take any need that you may have and find a way to make it work.

Through the years, we have had the pleasure of working with many different industries. From food service to agriculture, from manufacturing to the small walk-in customer, we have provided services to meet their needs.

One job that comes to mind, with pleasure, was when the Fresno Metropolitan Museum of Art and Sciences opened. We were commissioned to design several pieces of their science exhibits. Do you remember going to the Museum and playing with the Bubble Machine? Yes, that was us. It was a frame that had a pull down bar that went into a bubble solution. When released, great bubbles filled the room. Bubbles always make us happy! Then, there was the Chaotic Pendulum. Have you ever seen one? It went around and around with crazy connected metal bars going every which way. There were several other pieces that were so interesting to watch move. 

From there we have designed and built many, many projects for industries in the Fresno area. More to come…..