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Precision Machine Work - CNC Machining - Engineering - Fabrication - CAD & CAM - Specialized Welding - Prototype & Development - Tooling - Custom Machines

We offer personalized, flexible, craftsman-like metal working, and one-of-a-kind engineering and design services.


Engineering and machine work all at the same location.  Good engineering and design eliminates trial and error approaches to solving machine problems.


From a single custom part to high volume production, our machine shop is host to an array of conventional machines as well as CNC equipment with 4th axis capabilities.


We offer on-call status for emergencies and will take the time to visit and familiarize ourselves with your work site needs.

Competitive Pricing

Consultation and quotes are available for all of your project needs.

Veco was founded in 1976 as a one man machine shop and in 1991 transitioned into Veco Technologies Inc.  Our engineering and machine staff has over 40 years of experience and can build whatever you can dream, from new designs to re-working of existing parts.


"We are problem solvers, You have a problem? We'll solve it" - David Murdock,  Shop Foreman

From a single custom part to high volume production.

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